Google Maps - Fountain Pen

After The Pen Addict mentioned my Instagram post on their podcast, I had some site traffic (usually I don’t have any traffic :) ) I wanted to visualize this traffic and compare it with the maps I plotted before.

I use Google Analytics on my blog and it provides lots of information. You can get the geolocation of the visits to your page. Probably it is not very high quality data but it’s better than nothing.

While I was searching for the ways to download the geolocation data, I came across to Visualizing Google Analytics Data With Fusion Tables. I followed the instructions on the video to create the following map. I used cities instead of countries to get more data points and make the map a little bit nicer.

The points on the following map are visits to my blog. You can see some other information by clicking on a point. I’m sure most of these visits are from people who listened the podcast.

The map for fountainpen tag from my original post is below.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-9

It seems like the visitors to blog and fountainpen tag users of Instagram are from the similar geographic regions.